Ottawa Games

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Ottawa Games?

Ottawa Games is a group focused on promoting and showcasing Ottawa-made games, their developers, and related events in and around the region.

Who is an Ottawa Game Developer?

An Ottawa Game Developer is any individual or group of individuals that is located within the City of Ottawa and works on games.

This includes and is not limited to:

  • Programmers
  • Artists
  • Designers
  • Quality Assurance
  • Marketers
  • Community Managers
  • Publishers
  • Studios
  • Etc.

Groups of individuals, such as collectives, companies, studios, friends under a single label, and so on are all listed as a “Studio” on the site for simplicity.

Developers can be added by filling out the following form.

What is an Ottawa Game?

An Ottawa Game is a game developed by an Ottawa Game Developer that meets the following set of criteria:

  1. The developer of the game must be in Ottawa and must be able to be listed on the website.
  2. The developer must own the game, and must have developed it. For example, when listing on store fronts the developer field will match the name of the developer on the website. Note that games published by a developer in Ottawa but not developed by them will not meet this criteria.
  3. We are giving preferential treatment to finished game projects over potentially unfinished projects such as game jam submissions. Please submit projects that are either complete/released, in active development or projects with a certain level of polish.

Please note we are currently limiting 5 games per developer.

Games can be added by filling out the following form.

Are games, developers, and events from Gatineau accepted?

At the moment we only accept games, developers and events located within the City of Ottawa.

Why isn’t X listed on the website? How is information on the site kept up to date?

The information on the site about Ottawa Games or Ottawa Game Developers is submitted by the owner of that information. If it is incorrect or out of date it is up to the owner to inform us with the correct information. If any information is missing, please reach out to those Ottawa Game Developers and have them submit using the developer or game forms.

Events and Resources are public information and are added at the owner’s request or as the Ottawa Games team comes across it. If there is missing information please consider sending us an email.

We reserved the right to decline to list any information at our discretion.

What is your stance on NFTs and other crypto games?

Ottawa Games does not support NFTs or crypto-related currencies. Games using these mechanisms for payment, Developers who do not develop non-crypto games, and Events and Resources that encourage the usage of this technology will not be listed on the site.

What is your stance on AI generation in games?

Ottawa Games does not support games that include AI generated works as it exists today, including but not limited to images, music, dialogue, code, etc. Many if not all AI generated software currently uses copyrighted sources and infringes on that copyright in order to produce their output. As a result, games using the algorithmic output will also infringe on these sources. We will not list games or developers which infringe or steal others’ work knowingly, and this applies for AI generated content as well.

This policy may be revised in the future if there is an AI generation algorithm which is certified to only use open source or works which are allowed to be used for AI generation.